Twiehoff Gardens has been a community staple in Faribault, MN, since 1964. At 11 years of age, Steve Twiehoff decided to plant pumpkins and sell them in his front yard. He did so well that his siblings wanted to help him the following year, and so Twiehoff Gardens officially become a family business!

After Steve graduated from high-school, the family put up a storefront, which is where Steve has been selling produce ever since. Starting with just pumpkins, eventually he began planting tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers, and now he does a little bit of everything! As the head botanist for Twiehoff Gardens, Steve grows vegetables, flowers, ferns, and more in the two greenhouses at the back of the store.

Open throughout the summer-fall seasons, Twiehoff Gardens produces a large range of fresh, locally grown vegetables for the people of Faribault, MN, and surrounding communities. Watkins extracts, herbs & spices, bird feed, and homemade honey from local beekeepers are also available.

Do you ever wonder how all those plants get planted?

A Little Fall Fun in Faribault

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